Good Company

Good Company

Silence, stillness, and solitude,

those sisters who walked by my house

every day for years, long braids

swinging with their gentle laughter,

secrets sliding between them,

those sisters I pretended not to see,

making myself look too busy to chat

or ducking inside when I heard

their footsteps, those sisters have

started stopping by for daily visits.

Now, instead of hiding, I leave

the door open for them, set the table

for four, and smile when they stroll in

and stay longer than I ever could

have imagined I would let them.

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  1. I love this poem….I want to use it sometime. I just did a presentation for 24 eighth graders on the importance of honoring our sisterhood as we change the world one boy at a time…ha! I wish I had this poem for them…I will now. It perfectly describes what we give up when we do relationships with men like we think we are supposed to…almost exclusively…our deep bond with our sisters.

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