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Desert Wishes

Desert Wishes
for Casey

May your spirit find space

to stretch far and wide

under that big, open sky.


May your soul recognize its truth,

its wild and radiant essence,

reflected in the fierce sun.


May you feel your strength,

solid and humble, in the rocks

surrounding and holding you.


May your heart expand with wonder

as each grain of sand reminds you

of your own abundance.


May you notice your own brilliance,

your incredible light,

in the glow of each moon.


May you discover more questions

than answers under the stars, trusting them

to lead you into infinite possibilities.


May your spirit join the wind,

soaring and delighting

in currents of freedom.


May you enjoy peace in the stillness,

and sweet sleep, rich with dreams

of what lies beyond knowing.


May your soul see the depth,

the many layers of its beauty

displayed in every sunset.


May you hear animal voices

aligning you with the purity of instinct,

all that is true and alive within you.


May your heart speak freely,

filling the canyons with wise words

about loving and being loved.


May you find what you need

in this landscape, raw and real,

as you sit, explore, and listen.