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You Just May Not Know This Yet…Yet

You Just May Not Know This Yet…Yet

This plunge into the unknown,

the catapult from security

into freedom, will reveal

a path, a sign, a destination,

some reason why, but now

is not the time. Now is the time

to throw on a backpack

and start walking, using new eyes

to really see what this world

is about, to smell and taste and feel,

to listen, really listen, to everything

and everyone, discovering teachers

and lessons everywhere. Now

is the time to shed

bulky layers of protection

acquired during years

of doing things “the right way,”

time to feel the sun bake your skin,

the rain soak your hair, the wind

cut through and awaken your core.

Now is the time to trust

that someday, as long as you continue

down this trail of your own,

heart open to any and all

possibilities, someday life

will reveal what it wants from you

and for you, and you

will have already said “yes.”




A troupe of mountains

stood in position, disguised

in snowy costumes, while clouds

dressed like villains played

their roles in that October

afternoon drama. Thunder

punctuated the lines

hissed by wind as the stage

darkened and barren trees

stood just below the horizon,

ready to complete the plot.