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Jabber Walky

Jabber Walky

Jibberish, jabberish,

walk, walk, walk.

Jibber, jabber,

step, step, step.

On a jabber walky

one must utter only

nonsense, only things

that nobody else

would understand,

scraps of imagination

thrown into a silk hat

and tossed together

until you end up with

buttons burping

gasoline and smelling

like peaches while

star-shaped robots laugh

about alien vegetable

romances, and so on,

and so on. One foot

in front of the other,

one thought tumbling

from one place to

another, transformed

by lightning-quick

strokes of madness

only accessed through

daily walking and total

fascination with the

world above, below,

around, and inside you.

There is a Beyond

There is a Beyond

And when you get there

you will remember here,

maybe with fondness,

maybe with a shudder,

but the distance you travel

from here to Beyond

will teach you in ways

you never thought you

could be taught, will rip

the doors right off the

hinges of what you thought

you might know, who you

thought you might be.