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Odyssey (n.):  A long and eventful journey”  -Merriam Webster Dictionary


Across the landscape of loss

come so many guides, so much

wisdom within and without.

Throughout this desert hide

so many opportunities

for listening and learning,

for finding new paths, new

directions in new dimensions.

In losing, so much finding

with each step forward,

each long, brave look

straight into the sun.

With a Capital “C”

With a Capital “C”

She zoomed onto my street,

that little red convertible careening

around curves before screeching

to a stop, taking up two

parking spaces. One long leg at a time

stepped out, magenta stilettoes

clicking across the pavement as she

sashayed up my front steps,

all black leather and big hair,

barging in my front door.

Long, red fingernails lowered

her sunglasses as she stood,

hands on hips, waiting

to be acknowledged.

I leapt off the couch, almost

tripping over the hem

of my pajamas, smiling,

arms open for her embrace. “Hello,

Sugar,” her smoky voice drawled.

“Hello, Confidence!” I hollered,

“welcome home, sister!”



Growl when you’re mad, sister.

Watch them mourn

your lost manners.

Hear them cry out

to the god of lost cause.

What do they know

of our secret wolf selves?


Long with me to nourish

this secret, to force pulsing prey

down our hungry throats.


Stalk, in silence, their rigid roles.

Devour first those blood-rich organs,


and duty.


Gift them with steaming feces

laced with silver ribbons.

The last time you will give a shit.


Then, we will run together

triumphant in predation

howling with honesty

baring fangs when we must.

On Becoming a Wolf

On Becoming a Wolf

Take your wolf self and run.

Run as far

and as fast

as your lean

muscles take you.

Press your paws into frozen earth

until they crack,

until they bleed.


Do not stop.

Do not think.

Do not fear.


Continue until you arrive.

Head toward

that warm den of knowing.

Smell the musky odor


before you see its promise.


Do not stop.

Do not think.

Do not fear.


Close your eyes.

Let instinct navigate

the map of your life.

Trust this earth,

trust yourself.


Do not stop.

Do not think.

Do not fear.


Suppress hunger,

outlaw thirst.

Deny your strong body’s plea for mercy.

Know you will be given


that you need.


Do not stop.

Do not think.

Do not fear.


Round the final bend.


from the cellar of your being.

Hear proud sisters

cheering you onward.


Do not stop.

Do not think

Do not fear.


Step your last steps with grace.

Breathe your last labored breath.

Rest now, you are home.