Monthly Archives: November 2016



The connection with whatever pulls you

toward freedom, toward truth,

toward your own essence,

the one you may or may not recognize,

it’s that magic, that spark…

you see, you hear, you know, you feel,

you feel, you feel, you feel!

It is yours for the asking, for the taking,

for the fulfillment of something bigger

than you, something you can not

understand and should not

understand, but should accept

with grace, with gratitude, with arms

flung as wide as they will fling,

prepared to learn whatever it must

teach you, to go wherever it must

take you, to trust that this,

this here, this now, this this

is exactly what you need. And then,

once you’ve acknowledged, accepted,

received, surrendered, take it

and run, run as far and as fast

as you possibly can, run into

your wilderness and play with it,

allowing all that is wild and free within

you to celebrate, create, laugh, cry,

dance, paint, write, sing, transform

into a gift you can return to the world,

one joyous moment at a time,

one sweet, sweet symphony

spiraling from your soul.