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But Where is it Coming From?

But Where is it Coming From?
“…pay attention to her, she is singing your song.”
 –Kabir, “Hiding in This Cage”


She stretches her mouth to the sky,
spilling music everywhere.
“Listen,” she hums, before trilling your instructions.


“Listen to everyone and learn.
Trust that you will find everything you need.
Absorb the wisdom you will find in every moment
and greet all experiences as teachers.”


She shifts into a minor key,
with a brooding verse about honoring the shadow,
balancing the light with the deep, scary dark,
“Remember that you need both to be whole.
If you risk cavernous pain you will meet oceanic love.”


“Listen,” she crescendos before beginning the last verse.
“Listen and see and taste and feel, especially feel,
all that this world will give to you
if you will accept it.
The choice is yours,” she hums,
fading into the silence of truth.

For My Sisters Who Are Sad

For My Sisters Who Are Sad

It can be so hard

to feel the light.

Days can overwhelm

with their demands

to do, to smile

to produce, to nurture.


Much easier to stay

in the cocoon of a dark room

until night

when you don’t have to see the sun

mocking your despair

making it look so simple

to just shine.


Oh, sister,

I will hold the hope you cannot,

I will see brighter months ahead.

For now, though,

please just feel my heart

wrapping around you.

For the Sake of a Simple Poem

For the Sake of a Simple Poem
“…For the sake of a simple poem, you must see many cities, many people and Things, you must understand animals, must feel how birds fly, and know the gesture which small flowers make when they open in the morning…”   
-Rainer Maria Rilke, The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge


You must set aside your mind
fling the doors and windows of your heart
as wide as they will open
inviting wonder
expelling doubt.


You must trust
in life
in magic
in something bigger than yourself
in yourself.


You must regard the pen as a holy vessel
capable of carrying the wisdom
of your deepest self
onto the paper
into the world.


You must be gentle, humble, patient,
approaching yourself and the poem
without expectations
without judgment
with reverence.

Full Wolf Moon

Full Wolf Moon
“Full Moon names date back to Native Americans…The tribes kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to each recurring full Moon….Amid the cold and deep snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian Villages.  Thus, the name for January’s full Moon.”
-2012 Farmers’ Almanac
Empty-bellied wolves
circle villages
howling their hunger
begging for blood.


Tonight I tried to stand still in the snow
but my feet kept running farther up the hill
hungry for the full moon.
My spirit howled when the first light
stretched over the mountains.
My body begged to be nourished
by the wholeness yet to be served.


And then it arrived
golden and ripe
against the dark plate.
I swallowed
feeling full
for the first time in days.


I hope the wolves were filled too
with strength to survive the winter
with hope
with delight.

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Job Title: Starkeeper

Desired Qualifications: The ideal candidate will possess a fondness for the sky and a commitment to ensuring its proper care.  Candidate will be punctual and capable of adhering to a unique schedule in which, for half the year, shifts begin one minute earlier than they did the previous day, and for the other half of the year, shifts begin one minute later than they did the previous day.  Candidate will have experience operating the Skysweeper 6000 and the Skyseeder 500, and will, ideally, be able to provide mechanical support in the event that they malfunction.  Candidate will be organized and responsible, able to sort and retrieve stars with efficiency and precision.

Duties:The Morning Starkeeper shift begins with checking the Skysweeper 6000 for any functional difficulties. Starkeeper will provide maintenance as needed. Starkeeper will spend the majority of her/his shift vacuuming stars. Once vacuuming is completed, Starkeeper will empty the receptacle on the Skysweeper 6000 onto the floor in the Sorting Room.  Starkeeper will then sort stars and place them in designated bins.  While sorting, Starkeeper will check stars for luminosity and will replace the sparks in any stars which have become dim.

The Evening Starkeeper shift begins with checking the Skyseeder 500 for any functioning difficulties. Starkeeper will provide maintenance as needed.  Starkeeper will then load all bins of stars into the tractor, taking care to arrange them by location for ease of delivery.  Starkeeper will spend the majority of her/his shift seeding stars, and will leave the tractor as needed to manually arrange constellations.  Starkeeper will occasionally be required to sprinkle or hurl stars toward earth.

Opportunities for Advancement: After six (6) months in Starkeeper position in which Candidate displays excellent work habits and skill, he/she will be eligible to apply for Moon Polishing position.

Compensation and Benefits: Starkeeper will be paid $10/hr.  In addition to wages, Starkeeper will be provided premium viewing opportunities for sunrises and sunsets.  Once a month, Starkeeper will be allowed to create a new constellation (limit: 15 stars).


Be still, be small, be silent.
Be big, be life, be grace.
Be still, be still, be still.


Be instinct, be foresight, be gentle.
Be great, be humble, be kind.
Be now, be now, be now.


Be here, be present, be presence.
Be light, be shadow, be movement.
Be free, be free, be free.


Be thoughtful, be mindful, be willing.
Be free, be ready, be wonder.
Be life, be life, be life.


Be spontaneous, be careful, be creative.
Be timeless, be weightless, be strength.
Be light, be light, be light.


Be conscious, be music, be spirit.
Be the change, be the same, be grounded.
Be free, be free, be free.

New Year’s Dissolutions

New Year’s Dissolutions
I will dissolve fear
and open to risk


I will dissolve worry
and open to uncertainty


I will dissolve busy-ness
and open to stillness


I will dissolve striving
and open to peace


I will dissolve mindlessness
and open to mindfulness


I will dissolve judgment
and open to openness


I will dissolve regret
and open to opportunity


I will dissolve regrets from 2011
and open to opportunities of 2012