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Energy Transfer

Energy Transfer
Particles of disquiet,
stirred by frustration,
boredom, disappointment,
collide, storm
into the chaos
of restlessness.
I reach to grab them
like a cat trying
to capture shadows,
not trusting, not opening,
just frantic, scattered,
searching, striving,


But wait…
what if,
with magic words
gratitude, patience,
awareness, acceptance,
I could turn
those particles
into radiant glitter,
freeing myself
from what might have been
a very bad day.

Find an Empty Mind

Find an Empty Mind
“Begin your practice by finding an empty mind…”
                                                                         –Keri Gaddis, yoga guide


Find it,
not create it
or try to will it into being.
Find it.
It’s there,
nestled between
logic and dreams,
hidden underneath
facts and fears.
Find it.
Turn on your flashlight,
plow through piles of thoughts,
corridors of want,
attics of memory.
Find it.


Then what?
Clutter it with ideas,
stack it high with plans?
Walk right into that cool room
with cloud-colored walls,
just stand there for a while.
Practice being,
study stillness,
explore quiet.
Set yourself free
from yourself,
hover there.

Today’s Dreefee

Today’s Dreefee
dreefee n. a carefully selected relic of the day’s adventures; an amalgamation of “dream” and “feed”—food for dreams, you might say
–as described by Bill Bob Orviston in The River Why by David James Duncan

A gnarly poem of driftwood

found at the river this morning—

on a path I almost did not take—

a swirling and looping ballerina

stretching limbs of grace across my day.