Today’s Lesson

Today’s Lesson

Underneath a cloudless, windless sky

afternoon sun cloaks me in heat,

birds chatter, insects hum,

seedlings emerge, flowers explode into color.

Seems silly to contemplate

the last frost still to come.


Surely the earth feels this too,

cherishes the warming and swelling of her skin,

the life beginning to venture forth,

emboldened by the seduction of a sunlit, blue suitor,

but cautious that winter may not have left the premises.


Nature possesses the wisdom, the patience I may never achieve

as she acknowledges the gentle memory of so many seasons past,

enjoying this day for what it is, but not leaping to conclusions,

knowing the greater order of this world in a way I never will.


I try to be the pupil who will make her proud,

not taking any part of today for granted.

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