My 10-year-old cat limps now,
his mortality bludgeoning me
each time I see him hobble.


I can detach
from weather and clothes,
plans and people,
but with a love this big
so entwined in my being,
how could I ever
unhook, unsnap, unbutton
 and surrender to a bigger purpose?


Yet, the attachment,
although palpable and visceral
in strength and depth,
is only a desperate delusion:
that I can protect him
from pain, sickness, death…
that because I love him
he will always be around…
that this will be an exception
to nature’s stern rules…
that he is not needed elsewhere…


Be willing and able
to let go at any moment.

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  1. Oh my! This brings back many heartbreaking moments from losing dear, sweet kitties who have been a part of our family over the years. All remain a part of us and have enriched our lives. Elmo is such a special guy who’s been through a lot with you. Love him and don’t think of detachment. Wishes for 10 more years with him!!!!

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